Brian Aull

Brian Aull

(617) 627-3217
161 College Avenue
Research/Areas of Interest:

Photon-counting imaging, wavefront sensing, low-light passive imaging.


Brian Aull is a staff scientist in the Advanced Imager Technology Group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, which develops solid state image sensors with specialized and advanced capabilities. He pursues research on photon counting image sensors based on the integration of silicon Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode arrays with all-digital CMOS readout circuits. Applications include lidar, wavefront sensing, and light-starved passive imaging.

Aull has authored or coauthored numerous paper and conference presentations on photon-sensitive imaging devices and on spatial light modulators and optical switches based on multiple quantum well structures. He is also an active and passionate educator, teaching courses on electronics and device physics at Tufts University and a number of internal technical education courses at the Laboratory.