Graduate Fellows

Tufts School of Engineering's Fellows program is intended to recognize and recruit the best incoming doctoral students by providing a supplemental stipend for the first two years of the student's program of study. The goal of the award is to augment the student's aid package so that financial considerations do not stand in their way of choosing to pursue their degrees at Tufts.

2021-2022 Fellows

Linda M. Abriola Graduate Fellows

The Abriola Fellowship recognizes promising graduate applicants to Tufts School of Engineering who are interested in research in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

  • Burak Bagirgan, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Abigail Birnbaum, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Catherine Knox, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Bricker Like, Chemical Engineering
  • Woojoo Na, Computer Science
  • Carson Powers, Computer Science
  • Christina Sanon, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jacob Wessel, Civil and Environmental Engineering

John and Dorothy M. Adams Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellows

The Adams Fellowship targets extraordinary students who apply to Tufts School of Engineering graduate programs in strategic interdisciplinary research areas.

  • Olivia Foster, Biomedical Engineering
  • Zachary Kranefeld, Materials Science and Engineering: Electrical Engineering
  • Ho Yi Lam, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering
  • Tomislav Zabcic-Matic, Computer Science

Doble Fellows

  • Zirui Fu, Electrical Engineering
  • Cormac Paterson, Electrical Engineering

Stern Graduate Fellows

The Stern Family Fellowship recognizes outstanding scholarship and research aptitude in the fields of biomedical sciences and engineering.

  • Oluwatofunmi Adeniran, Chemical Engineering
  • Colby Azersky, Mechanical Engineering
  • Patrick Feeney, Computer Science
  • Kyle Heuton, Computer Science
  • Jindan Huang, Computer Science
  • Landry Kezebou, Electrical Engineering
  • Lan Liu, Computer Science
  • Shreyas Mohandas, Electrical Engineering
  • Victor Oludare, Electrical Engineering
  • Srijith Rajeev, Electrical Engineering
  • Rahul Rajendran, Electrical Engineering
  • Shishir Rao, Electrical Engineering
  • Maliheh Teimouri, Mechanical Engineering
  • Aloysius Udenweze, Offshore Wind Energy Engineering
  • Pomaikaimaikalani Yamaguchi, Biotechnology Engineering

Provost Fellows

The university's Provost's office annually awards scholarships to outstanding doctoral candidates.

  • Sarah Abowitz, Computer Science
  • Samuel Burns, Human-Robot Interaction: Mechanical Engineering
  • Marlene Coe, Biomedical Engineering
  • Gregory Novotny, Chemical Engineering
  • Chukwuemeka Oguike, Mechanical Engineering
  • Marine Ricau, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Priyansh Shah, Electrical Engineering