Civil and Environmental Engineering 2022 retrospective

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering congratulates graduates and award winners from the 2021-2022 academic year.
exterior view of the science and engineering complex at Tufts University

Department Awards

Howe-Walker Award 
Awarded to Tufts student for leadership in ASCE Student Chapter.

  • Selvin Lendos

William P. Morse Scholarship 
Awarded to Tufts CEE senior(s) having a very strong record of academic achievement.

  • Noah Bedrosian

Earle F. Littleton Awards
Awarded to seniors and graduate students in the CEE program who are active in professional, community or department affairs and show promise of becoming active and loyal alumni.

  • Mallory Baus
  • Noah Bedrosian
  • Elizabeth Frieden
  • Eli Goodrich
  • Ben Healy
  • René LaPointe Jameson
  • Selvin Lendos
  • Victoria Molitor
  • Nicholas Mui
  • Elsa Rohm
  • Miguel Rothe

Earle F. Littleton Fellowships for Graduate Studies 
Awarded to current seniors and graduate students who are active in the profession, community or department and will attend or are attending Tufts for graduate studies.

  • Emma Edwardson
  • Jenna Swarthout

Jonathan Curtis Fellowship 
Awarded to students, with outstanding graduate research potential in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, who have demonstrated meritorious academics, good character, and promise as leaders in the profession.

  • Sophie Impellitteri

Kentaro Tsutsumi Fellowship
Awarded to students, with outstanding graduate research potential in Structural Engineering, who have demonstrated meritorious academics, good character, and promise as leaders in the profession.

  • John DeFrancisci

N. Bruce and Lorry Hanes Fellowship
Named after N. Bruce Hanes, Professor of Environmental Engineering for 32 years and his wife Lorry, recognizes outstanding Master’s level research potential at the interface of Engineering and Public Health.

  • Kristine Washer
  • Jacob Wolfe

CDM Smith Award

  • Hooman Shirzadi

University Awards

Presidential Awards for Civic Life
The Presidential Award for Civic Life is the highest recognition for service, leadership, and civic engagement conferred by Tufts University. Each year, Tisch College, in collaboration with partners from across the University, is proud to help select and celebrate outstanding individuals who combined academic achievement with a profound impact on communities near and far, helping to address some of the biggest challenges in our society. Read more.

  • Avis Carrero

2022 Wendell Phillips Award
The Wendell Phillips Address is intended to deliver a message to inspire the graduating class and all who are gathered to reflect on how a Tufts education, and specifically the experiences of the graduating senior class, might help make the world a better place through constructive civic engagement. The award is given annually to a senior who demonstrates both marked ability as a speaker and a high sense of public responsibility. Read more.

  • René LaPointe Jameson

Student-Athlete Awards

NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship
The scholarship is awarded to student-athletes who excel academically and athletically and who are in their final year of intercollegiate athletics competition. Read more.

  • Travis Van Brewer, Men's Soccer

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduates 2021-2022

PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Flannery Dolan, "Robust approaches to aid decision-making under uncertainty in the coupled human-Earth system" 
    • Adviser: Assistant Professor Jonathan Lamontagne
  • Camille Heylen, "Household water treatment with filters in humanitarian response: investigations on laboratory efficacy and coordination" 
    • Adviser: Professor Daniele Lantagne

Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Trad Alroweilly
  • Juan Betancur
  • Avis Carrero
  • Alexander Chansky
  • Gregory Coyle
  • Liam Eagle
  • Sophie Fox
  • Ana Claudia Emerenciano Guedes
  • Richard Haight
  • Christopher Hoerrner
  • Andrew Kraunelis
  • Stephen Lambert
  • Paul Mullin
  • Jeremy Salerno
  • Travis Van Brewer
  • Claire Wright

Master of Science in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering

  • Charles Bocklet
  • Emma Edwardson 
  • Matthew Griswold
  • Christian Herbosa
  • Lauren Quickel

Certificate in Environmental Management

  • Darius Zgripcea Bailey

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

  • Jonah Apo
  • Mallory Baus
  • Sarah Flower
  • Elizabeth Frieden
  • Elias Goodrich
  • Benjamin Healy
  • Xinyan Huang
  • Paul Jijimya
  • Konrad LaDow
  • Owen Lasko
  • Selvin Lendos
  • Nicholas Mui
  • Matthew Paragamian
  • Sarah Pircio
  • Miguel Rothe
  • Lucas Schwartz
  • Eddy Wanyonyi

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

  • Noah Bedrosian
  • Kristina Boylan
  • Caitlin Colino
  • Krystian Gombosi
  • Mallory Hood
  • Sophie Impellitteri
  • René LaPointe Jameson
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Victoria Molitor
  • Elsa Rohm
  • Madeline Tennant
  • Greta Van Curan
  • Katherine Wilson
  • Jacob Wolfe

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

  • Tharina Messeroux