Co-op experiences: Greg Terry, E23

Tufts alum Greg Terry used skills from his mechanical engineering major and engineering management minor in an undergraduate co-op with Honda.
Greg Terry in a Honda uniform.

Greg Terry, E23
Undergraduate Major: Mechanical engineering with a minor in engineering management
Currently: Design engineer with Honda
Co-op placement: Honda Development & Manufacturing of America (spring and summer 2022), working as a hardware design engineer in the active safety systems development department. 
What I Learned: “It’s important to be able to work with and across different groups of people. But the biggest lesson for me was learning how to participate in and lead meetings and take notes, and how to present information people need to know. I made sure that I was interacting positively. I was given opportunities to be a leader because I got my work done and I always asked, ‘What more I can do?’”
My Advice: “If you want to compete in the job market on just the ground of technical skills, there are going to be thousands of people who probably know how to use CAD language. I knew that wasn't the way I could compete. I had to demonstrate people skills; I had to show my willingness to learn. So I would show up for everything that would give me exposure to more things. My attitude was to say yes to every opportunity.”
The Co-Op Advantage: “Early on in my co-op, my manager mentioned a path I could follow within Honda. My group was starting to expand as safety and active controls on vehicles become more important. It felt great to know that my team valued me and they're going to support my progress. They also offered me a job as soon as the co-op ended! I feel like I'm climbing a ladder of trust.”

Employers looking for more information on the co-op programs at the School of Engineering can contact Sue Atkins, associate director of Employer Relations, Tufts Career Center.