T-TRIPODS summer updates

Tufts TRIPODS Institute names graduate research fellows and summer research undergraduates for 2020.
Hands on a computer keyboard

The Tufts TRIPODS Institute connects data science efforts across Tufts University and provides a solid theoretical foundation in data science, sourced from the three core Tufts departments that study the foundations of data science: the Departments of Computer Science (CS) and Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in the School of Engineering, and the Department of Mathematics in the School of Arts and Sciences.

T-TRIPODS recently named its graduate research fellows for 2020. There are three fellows, one for each of the three primary Tufts departments involved in the institute. The fellow from the Department of Computer Science is Matt Werenski, a second year PhD student and an advisee of Professor Lenore Cowen. Werenski received his bachelor of science degree in computer science at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Also named were Ahmed Abbasi, PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Kaiyi Wu, PhD student in Mathematics.

Additionally, 12 Tufts undergraduates have been selected to do summer research at T-TRIPODS through the Directed, Intensive And Mentored Opportunities In Data Science (DIAMONDS) program a new undergraduate summer research program created in a partnership between T-TRIPODS and the Tufts Center for STEM Diversity, in an effort to ensure that opportunities in data science are available to all. Five of the inaugural cohort of undergraduate researchers are computer science or data science majors: Rujen Amatya, E22, Jesus Garcia, E21, Olivia Gillman, E23, Joshua Mitchell, E20, and Colton Wolk, E22.

DIAMONDS scholars also include Esther Adegoke, E22 in Biomedical Engineering; Yan Zhou Chen, E21 in Chemical Engineering; Quinn Pham, A21 in International Relations; Leyla Rami, E22 in Electrical Engineering; Abby Raymond, E21 in Environmental Engineering; Spencer Edward Schmid, E21 in Mechanical Engineering; and Vicky Yang, E23 in Civil Engineering.

Learn more about T-TRIPODS on the Computer Science website and on the Institute's website.