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The Department of Computer Science joins a consortium of colleges and universities seeking to expand pathways into computer science.
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The Department of Computer Science at Tufts has long been dedicated to the mission of making computer science accessible to everyone. Computing and technology have become integral—even essential—to our daily lives, and having an advanced computer science (CS) degree can be a real asset in today’s marketplace. But what if you have a bachelor’s degree in something other than CS? How do you move towards a master’s degree in CS?

A network of colleges and universities is working to address that question. The MS Pathways to Computing Consortium expands pathways into computer science for post-grads who were not CS majors. The program is especially geared towards creating pathways into the world of tech for women, people of color, and first generation students. The consortium is coordinated by the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. Dean Carla Brodley – previously a professor of computer science at Tufts – and consortium director Jan Cuny stated in The MSCS New Pathways Consortium – A National Invitation that “high tech is the U.S. economy’s fastest growing sector. Yet, the current tech talent pipeline falls far short of meeting demand. Women represent more than 50% of bachelor’s degree recipients, but only 19% of computer science (CS) graduates. Similarly, underrepresented minorities represent 25% of bachelor’s degree recipients, but just 10% of CS graduates. The diversity of thought, race, background, and gender in CS is essential to building a robust, high quality, and ethical tech sector.” 

Tufts University was one of 13 universities to join this network of higher education institutions, working together to develop common goals and measurable outcomes. Representatives from the Tufts Department of Computer Science will share the department’s knowledge as an experienced provider of pathway programs. The program began offering a postbaccalaureate certificate in computer science in 2007, and the certificate has seen steady enrollment growth since its inception.

The certificate is intended for those wanting to re-enter the workforce with updated computer science training, or for anyone seeking transition their career into the field of computer science. It provides the equivalent of a computer science minor through a five-course sequence, and prepares students to pursue a master’s in computer science or data science. Tufts also offers a combined postbac/MS option where students can transition directly into the MS program after successfully completing the postbac certificate, without having to reapply to Tufts. As of Fall 2021, the postbac and MS in computer science programs are offered on-campus or 100% online. Learn more about the postbac and MS program requirements.

For more information about graduate programs offered by the Department of Computer Science, please contact graduate program coordinator Jenny Mooney at

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