Summer Scholars in Engineering

This summer, eight Engineering majors received Summer Scholars funding to remain on campus and work on an independent undergraduate research project.
Overhead view of Tufts campus

The Tufts Summer Scholars program has announced the 2017 Summer Scholars. Each year, the program awards funding to a select group of rising juniors and seniors from across Tufts academic disciplines, who will carry out ten-week independent research projects. The program is administered by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Congratulations to all our engineering summer scholars! See below for the full list.

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Gregory Berumen, E19, will work with Assistant Professor James Van Deventer to test new strategies for discovering inhibitors capable of disrupting the proliferation of cancer cells.

Trang Ngo, E19, will work with Assistant Professor Prashant Deshlahra to study infrared spectra and the coverage of molecules on surfaces of solid catalysts.

Aaron Watts, E18, will work with Associate Professor Andrew Ramsburg to study treatment processes that could decrease the discharge of microconstituents (like pharmaceuticals that have been improperly disposed of) in wastewater.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mateo Galeano, E18, will work with Assistant Professor Daniele Lantagne to generate tools for determining chlorine taste, odor detection, and rejection thresholds, to prevent the rejection of safe drinking water in refugee camps.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lisa Fantini, E18, will work with Associate Professor Tom Vandervelde to study thermophotovoltaic cells, which convert heat into electricity.

Mechanical Engineering

Annalisa DeBari, E18, will work with Assistant Professor Iryna Zenyuk to study the interface between lithium and the polymer electrolyte inside a lithium ion battery, and its dependence on battery cycle number.

Camille-Louise Mbayo, E18, will work with Associate Professor Robert White to study piezoelectric aluminum nitride as a stepping stone for scandium doped aluminum nitride. 

Shane Rozen-Levy, E18, will work with Professor Barry Trimmer on the continued development of a soft-crawling robot inspired by caterpillars.