Professor Fiorenzo Omenetto in his laboratory.

Butterfly blueprints

Dean of Research and Doble Professor of Engineering Fiorenzo Omenetto and PhD student Luciana D'Amone discuss their research at Tufts Silk Lab in an episode of NOVA PBS (10:30 timestamp).
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Light-based cancer treatments

A team of iBIT Lab researchers and colleagues study the utility of novel photoacoustic nanodroplets to enhance light-based cancer therapies.
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Panetta elected NAI Fellow

Professor and Dean of Graduate Education Karen Panetta is recognized by the National Academy of Inventors.
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Sergio Fantini, Valencia Koomson, Angelo Sassaroli headshots

Non-invasive imaging of deep tissue

Tufts biomedical and electrical engineers receive funding from the National Institutes of Health to develop a novel technique for frequency-domain near-infrared spectroscopy.
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