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  • Healthy coral in shallow water at Baker reef in the Pacific
    Professor Lenore Cowen and PhD student Monsurat Olaosebikan, Department of Computer Science, work with other researchers to understand how coral live, grow, and survive threats.
  • human breast cancer tumor (blue) near fat tissue (red), with abundant Collagen VI (green)
    Assistant Professor Madeleine Oudin and biomedical researchers at Tufts discover a new way in which fat promotes the spread of cancer.
  • lipidoid nanoparticles mediate delivery of gene-editing components
    Tufts engineers devise a way to directly deliver gene-editing packages efficiently across the blood brain barrier and into specific regions of the brain, into immune system cells, or to specific tissues and organs.
  • James Van Deventer
    Established in 2019, the professorship supports the career development of outstanding junior faculty members at Tufts.
  • Tufts University sign near campus
    The $100 million program will involve a large consortium of wildlife and human disease experts and networks from around the world.
  • T-TRIPODS logo
    T-TRIPODS Institute continued its interdisciplinary efforts to advance the understanding of the foundations of data science this summer.
  • Headshots of Professors Hodes and Guasto
    Professor Marc Hodes and Associate Professor Jeffrey Guasto are pursuing new research projects with the support of National Science Foundation funding.
  • Three researchers looking at a computer together
    The journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering recently recognized Professor Sameer Sonkusale and team members from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Biomedical Engineering for excellence in two papers published by the journal.
  • Farakh Zaman
    A team led by Farakh Zaman, Mechanical Engineering PhD student, has been awarded a grant to investigate human factors issues related to augmented reality systems in subterranean spaces.
  • John Durant checks equipment in the mobile Tufts Air Pollution Monitoring Lab.
    The drop in traffic-related air pollution in the Boston area found by Tufts researchers offers lessons for the future.